A Texas Butterfly

A Texas Butterfly

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing Lindsay To My Sisters

It had been almost a year since I had come out to my sisters, and still in that time neither of them had met or seen pictures of Lindsay. It was the summer of 2010, and I guess I was getting a little grumpy from not being Lindsay as much as I wanted or needed. It was actually my wife, Diane, who suggested that I go see my sisters. I had some time off from work that I needed to take, so I called Leslie and asked I could come see her for a week and introduce her to Lindsay. She thought the idea was great and coordinated with my other sister Lin for us to have an all girls week. Of course my girlfriend, Suzi and I, had to do some shopping so I'd have enough nice clothes for a week with my sisters. Any excuse, right Suzi.

All packed, (my word, I can't pack light), I stopped for a couple of days to see a friend on the way to Leslie's, but that's another post. My poor sister was in an apartment because she had had part of her house catch on fire from a lightning strike but her insurance company had set her up with a two bedroom apartment. Leslie was great as I knew she would be. She was very complimentary on my make-up and wardrobe. She was still making arrangements to have her house repaired and I went with her to take care of things. I asked her if she would be embarrassed for me to go with her into Lowe's and other places. She looked at me funny and asked why. I told her that I don't always pass. She told me that I looked more like a woman than a lot of women she's seen and if anybody said anything to me about it she would "punch them in the nose" for me. That's my sister. We took care of her business at Lowe's and a few other places, including gathering some things from her house, and Leslie didn't have to punch anybody out.

That night we went to dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant we both enjoy and had a couple of drinks to celebrate Leslie's "new sister". Back at the apartment later that night Leslie brought out some jewelry bags and set them in front of me. Leslie told me that after I had come out to her and told her about watching the girls of the family split up Mom's jewelry, she felt so bad that I had missed out on all the girl stuff. She had gone through her jewelry box and picked out some things she thought I would like, some Mother's, some her's, and she wanted me to have them. We hugged and cried sporadically as she showed me the jewelry. There were some really nice pieces, necklaces, bracelets, and rings but there was one item that had caught my eye. It was a James Avery butterfly key ring that had been Mother's and I remembered seeing it on Mother's keys. Since butterflies are kind of my thing, and I knew that was special to Mother, it was special to me. It went on my keys right then. I didn't care who saw it or if they thought it was gay or sissy. It had been Mother's and now it was mine.

Leslie and I drove to Lin's house and we stayed there a couple of days. One day we all went and had pedicures. Another day we went shopping. I had been looking for a pair of nice slacks that would go with a particular blouse I had, and Lin and Leslie helped me look for the right color. We didn't find the right color slacks, but we did have fun trying on clothes. I'd be in the dressing room and Lin and Leslie would bring me things they thought would look good on me and I would model some of the outfits. I'm sure some of the other ladies in the store got a kick out of the three giggling women. Then we went a few store down to an accessories store call Charming Charlie's. It was mind blowing. What a store. If you haven't been to one you need to find one in your area. I ended up buying several pairs of earrings there. The whole week was wonderful. We were just three sisters doing things any sisters or girlfriends would do. I haven't laughed or had that much fun in a long time. On the last night I was to spend with my sisters we dressed up semi-fancy and went to a nice restaurant. During the meal Lin and Leslie made a toast to "Sisters" which made me tear up. They were so wonderful and I know I'm a lucky girl to have such great sisters.

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Suzi said...

I was shocked to get notification about new blogs from Lindsay! Finally! It's great to see you moving forward. I personally see the happiness growing each time we get out together. I expect that happiness to bloom even more as the roadblocks are removed or at least run smack over.

Any excuse to shop?...who needs an excuse? :)Suzi